8 pro-vegetarian songs that are better than Paul McCartney’s ‘Meat Free Monday’

You don’t need me to tell you that Paul McCartney has pretty much been hailed a deity for his musical prowess (ahem) for as long as Pop Music has been a thing, but you know what? Sometimes being one of the most high profile songwriters in the world isn’t enough to get you off the hook if you decide to rhyme ‘Monday’ with ‘fun day’.

Meat Free Mondays, the organisation who aims to reduce meat consumption by tempting meat-eaters towards veggie food for one day a week, has just celebrated its fifth birthday, and so, they have presented us with their anthem. Needless to say, it stinks. And just like Bono being roped in to show us how hip and trendy iPhones are, a multimillionaire poster-boy/man/old guy often does little more than leave a sour taste.

So for the first Meat Free Monday of Vegetarian Awareness Month, we’ve compiled a collection of songs that are not completely lame and will hopefully, if nothing else, help you forget…

1. The Smiths, ‘Meat is Murder’

Okay, Moz is probably just as detached from the real world as Macca, but you’d be hard pressed to find a song as iconic and this one.

“Its not comforting, cheery or kind” Morrissey croons, a statement that is true for not only the subject of the song, but also the song itself.

 2. Propagandhi, ‘Purina Hall Of Fame’

With an intro that echoes that of The Smiths’ ‘Meat Is Murder’, Canadian thrashers Propagandhi throw you head first into an angry, cynical, yet thoughtful attack closed with a shred-tacular guitar solo. Sorry Paul, yours doesn’t even come close.

3. Macka B, ‘Wha Me Eat’

Essentially the vegan answer to Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’, Macka B hits us with a list of pretty much every single food item you could ever hope to hear in a song. …maybe too many? …no, it’s great. I can’t wait to sing this to the next person who asks the question “so what do you actually eat?”…

4. Goldfinger, ‘Open Your Eyes’

Rewind to the snotty young teen I once was (as opposed to the snotty adult I am now) and this was pro-vegetarian music video that was on rotation. I’m not sure if I can credit California punks Goldfinger entirely for my meatless future but I can almost definitely credit them with some pretty poor choices in baggy shorts and wallet chains.

5. Dead Prez, ‘Be Healthy’

On Dead Prez’s debut ‘Let’s Get Free’ the fiercely political rap duo give us a hip hop veggie anthem to healthy living.

“I don’t eat no meat, no dairy, no sweets,

only ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and whole wheat”.

6. Frenzal Rhomb, ‘Cruelty To Animals’

Aussie punks Frenzal Rhomb have made a career out of the tongue in cheek, the sarcastic and the damn right crude. This song, an ironic throw-in of the towel to selling out and cashing in shreds hard and is over before you know it’s hit you.

7. NOFX, ‘Clams Have Feelings Too (Actually They Don’t)’

NOFX have been making music since 1983, and in that time have gone from the ardent anti-vegetarian, to the point where they contribute this song to a PETA benefit compilation front man Fat Mike released via his own Fat Wreck Chords. This song echoes their mixed stance on vegetarianism with a shrewd sense of humour.

“No chowder for you, ’cause clams have feelings too
Actually they don’t have central nervousness”

8. MDC, ‘Tofutti’

When you look up what the letters ‘MDC’ have abbreviated over the years (Millions of Dead Cops, Multi-Death Corporations, Millions of Damn Christians etc.), it’s hard to believe this band have strong opinions. Their song ‘Tofutti’ is a tribute to the non-dairy ice-cream brand, to the tune of Little Richard’s ‘Tooti Fruity’. Had it not been for the bands overt political stance then who knows? This song could have been the soundtrack to an unstoppable ad campaign!

Check out our Spotify playlist below!


3 responses to “8 pro-vegetarian songs that are better than Paul McCartney’s ‘Meat Free Monday’

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  2. Meat Free Monday is more catchy than the other ones you presented. Paul’s song was not supposed to be a great song to sell. But rather an easy tune for everybody to learn easly and spread it. It works really fine and the video is amazing Sorry, but any of the other ones you showed are better than Meat Free Monday.


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