FEST 13: Best Eats

If you’re anything like me the end of October can only mean one thing. Well, there’s Halloween. Duh. But there’s also FEST. FEST is the annual punk rock pilgrimage to Florida’s Gainesville Rock City where it feels like summer in October.


No doubt, if you’re attending, you’ll surely have a packed out musical schedule already, but to fuel all that fun, and to treat your stomach between the onslaughts of way too much PBR, do your best to check these local eateries out. Here are a few that are always top of my list…

Leonardo’s By The Slice


Right opposite registration at the Holiday Inn, it’s your closest stop to grabbing some eats.

This pizza place has mix of classics, monstrous deep-dish pies and a vegan option with a rotating cast of delicious toppings.

Also, don’t forget to try the dough balls or ‘rolls’, they’re huge and they’re amazing.

Reggae Shack Café

Amazing Jamaican food with incredible veggie and vegan options. Try the vegan seitan steak. Try the ‘dutty’ fries. Try it all. Trust me.

Boca Fiesta

Rewind a few years and Warren Oakes, previously of Against Me! And currently of Sunshine State opens a Mexican restaurant and boy, the vegetarians get treated just as great as the meat-eaters. Such great food.

Karma Cream

An organic dairy and vegan ice cream café. Try the Tofurkey Rueben then move swiftly to dessert! The selection of cakes and ice creams are gonna tempt you all weekend.

Bagels & Noodles

Just a stones throw from the Holiday Inn, this is the perfect place to shake off the previous nights adventures with a great breakfast. Try one of their bagels topped with tofu scramble, drink a tonne of coffee and marvel at the size of their breakfast pancakes.

Happy eating! And oh, apparently there’ll be some bands playing too?

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