Top 5 bands to soundtrack your Halloween cooking

Okay, so between George Michael and Mariah Carey we’ve got Christmas music covered. Here’s our top picks for bands to soundtrack your Halloween cooking, whether hosting a party, or dishing out your precious veggie sweets to children dressed as crime fighting turtles you’ll surely get in the ghoulish mood with a playlist featuring these bands…

1. Misfits

The quintessential Horror Punk band, setting that spooky scene while you get to cooking your haunted feast. Try to keep your Devilock out of the cooking!

2. Hororpops

Why not listen to the Horrorpops whilst trying out our own Cake-Pop recipe, decorating them to look especially ghoulish and creating Horror(cake)pops of your very own!?

3. Nekromantix

What is it about Psychobilly and Horror themes? We’re definitely not complaining, just put down the double bass and give us a hand in the kitchen!

4. Kiss

Not exactly a spooky band, but a top choice for Halloween costumes right? (I’m totally guilty of this… I was Peter Criss) Probably scarier now without the make-up than they ever were with it.

5. Groovie Ghoulies

B-Movie Themes to classic Ramones-esque pop-punk riffs. What’s not to love?

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