COLUMN: Class Vegan

or… “How to stay healthy and be a class vegan”

by Gavin Pryce

“What is worse? A meat eater or an ex-vegan?” – this question was asked to me a few years ago. Weirdly, at the time my answer was the ex-vegan.

My reason being was that ex-vegans are well aware of the cruel and horrific conditions that animals are subject to in meat, dairy, and other animal product industries, but choose to put their head in the sand and ignore it. Although, most meat eaters are the same, not all meat-eaters are aware of the process that puts the food on their plates (for example, children).

Despite originally thinking this, as time has gone by I’ve realised that the choice to be vegan is not simply a choice, but a lot of other social and economic factors come into play. Being vegan is a privilege, both financially and educationally. If you ask any ex-vegan why they gave up, I can almost guarantee that the answers will be related to either their ill health or because it was “too expensive”. When you look deeply into it, both factors are aligned. Chances are, if you don’t have much money, you won’t eat healthy, and this isn’t just a vegan thing! This is a thing, which happens in the whole of the population not only worldwide, but also nationwide right on our doorsteps (Cameron’s Britain… wergh).

But this article isn’t meant to be political, so before I go down that route, let’s get back on track. To be a healthy vegan, you need to be educated on the nutritional aspects of it, and through doing so you’ll realise that being healthy and vegan isn’t impossible and doesn’t have to be expensive either, which is the reason why I’m sat here on a Friday morning writing this thing.

1908430_10154595202950613_1003330118037590734_nAllow me to introduce myself: My name is Gavin. I play in bands, run a DIY Record Label, and book gigs in my spare time, but my main passion is Nutrition. Because I’m clearly not busy enough in my life, I’m currently in my third year out of four, studying to be a Dietitian. I have been vegan for a number or years, and haven’t eaten meat for even longer. I am still alive, and despite suffering with Type 1 Diabetes (that’s a genetic problem, and not self-inflicted ya dingus) I am still very much alive, and consider myself to be nutritionally complete and healthy!

The main aim of these articles I am going to be writing is to educate us vegans on how to stay healthy, and do so in a way that doesn’t break the bank… because after all, you don’t NEED to do your weekly shop in health shops on the high street! What I’ll be posting will mostly be supported by scientific based evidence and will be based on what I’ve been taught in my studies, so you will know it’s FACT and not something I made up because some jerk company is paying loads of £££ for me to give them props (COUGH herbal life COUGH). I will mostly be talking, to begin with at least, about all the nutrients vegans are accused of being deficient of and talk about easy and cheap ways to prevent this and prove them schmucks wrong. Then, once I run out of things to talk about I’ll probably start talking about overcoming the barriers associated with unhealthy eating (i.e., Fussy eating etc.), but I dunno? I’ll worry about that when the time comes I guess…

In my first upcoming article, I will talk about Protein, so you’ll be able to quickly answer the age old jock question “WHERE DO YOU EVEN GET YOUR PROTEIN FROM, BRO?!?!?!” Hopefully, I’ll see ya there…

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