REVIEW: PERF Skincare’s ‘The Power of 3’

Ever since PERF skincare teased us with a launch date we’ve been waiting very impatiently for their products. So when their little parcel of loveliness landed on our doormat we could hardly contain our excitement.

PERF are on a mission to spread organic and vegan skincare goodness around the world, replacing those nasty chemicals you’ll often find in beauty products with skin boosting nutrients and antioxidants. The brand new range, which launched on World Vegan Day, is completely cruelty free and promises products which deliver dreamy results but without the fuss.


The most striking thing about PERF’s products is their gorgeous packaging.  The whole range is silver with ribbons of holographic packaging popping up here and there, giving it a luxury feel with a burst of personality. The whole package, teamed with their simplistic, yet sleek, PERF logo really exemplifies the company’s mission statement of “minimum effort for maximum results”.



PERF’s first range, ‘The Power of 3’, is a collection of three core products that are in a daily skincare regime. The first of the products, the Mint and Lavender Sugar Scrub, exfoliates to help buff away dead skin and help clear blocked pores. The minty smell of this sugar scrub is incredible and left my skin feeling really fresh. The organic raw sugar and the poppy seeds made a good team to scrub without being too harsh on my skin, whilst the olive oil and vitamin e oil nourished my skin and left it feeling super moisturised. What I loved most about this scrub was the dewy glow it left me with after use and the lovely smell followed me around alllll day. Very impressive that this packet of magic left my skin feeing brighter, softer and generally happier after just one scrub.



Number two on the list is the Chocolate Orange Cleanser. I was excited to see this little guy in my package as any excuse to get chocolate into my day, whilst also doing my face some good, is a bonus for me. The smell of this cleanser wasn’t over-poweringly sweet, which can be a worry for some sickly-scented cleansers, and had a tangy orange burst mixed with a bitterness from the chocolate. With all of the organic and natural ingredients in this cleanser, such as calendula petals, organic maca powder and poppy seeds, it’s unlike a liquid cleanser that most people might be used to using. It is quite thick and a little messy, so if you’re looking for a quick daily cleanse before rushing off to work then this might not be for you. However, if you have a little extra time to add to your daily skincare routine this cleanser is definitely worth it. The poppy seeds add a little exfoliating factor, scrubbing away any dead skin, whilst the cocoa butter and olive oil leave your skin so beautifully smooth. Plus it leaves you smelling like a dessert, and that’s always good news.



The last product of the three is the Rose and Lemongrass Skin Milkshake. This moisturiser comes in the most gorgeous bottle and I couldn’t wait to splash it on my face. I was initially expecting a thick, creamy product so was surprised when the moisturiser came out as a thin, oil-like substance.  A little goes a long way with this skin milkshake and it’s thinner substance was actually a bonus as it glided across my skin effortlessly with my thirsty pores drinking it all up. I was worried that the oiliness of the moisturiser would leave my skin unhappy and more willing to break out, but my face stayed spot-free and any stubborn dry patches were left feeling very hydrated.


You can purchase your PERF products (at a reduced rate until 1st December!!!!) here. Also make sure you go and say hello to them here!

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