It’s not been long since we last chatted to Chris Lafferty, but in that short time his goal of launching his range of natural soaps has already snowballed into fruition.
We couldn’t wait to get our grubby hands on them and seized the opportunity to place our order as soon as we could. The quality and attention to detail surpassed our expectations and the product line is quickly moving from strength to strength whilst maintaining its commitment to crafting great, nourishing soaps.
Here’s the scoop on the awesome Washed Out Soap Co.

“We believe in looking after the skin. From our kitchen in Newcastle upon Tyne, we craft quality, natural soaps and grooming products, with a focus on how each item can enrich the user’s daily life. Every item is created from scratch, by hand, and everything is made in small batches, using very traditional processes, in the most hands-on way possible; Every single item leaving us has been created, prepared and packaged with care and attention.

All of our products are vegan friendly as standard; we only use plant-based oils, and we do not use palm oil.”

So what makes this soap so great compared to the big commercial alternatives?

“Natural soaps, and especially those created using the traditional cold-process method, trump commercial and/or supermarket soaps on almost every level; They include everything the soap is naturally supposed to contain to begin with, whereas most of the cheaper alternatives remove things like glycerin (which is what nourishes, softens and attracts moisture back to your skin), and replaces it with chemicals intended to improve the lather/foam/etc.
You then buy moisturiser to deal with the squeaky, dry feel to your skin after washing, which is probably based around the same amount of glycerin that was removed from your soap in the first place! In short, buying cheap, commercial, mass-produced soaps is not only bad for your skin (don’t forget, your skin is porous and will absorb the harsh and shady chemicals in these products), but it also fuels a non-stop circle of consumption, where you are buying soap. then moisturiser, then soap, then moisturiser… This is just ONE of the factors I could talk about!”

The Classic:
Sometimes simple is best – this nourishing, gentle soap, packed out with a blend of oils leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, clean and lightly moisturised. The fragrance is a light, vanilla cream; smooth, luxurious and sweet.

The Barista:
This is made with a concentrated espresso base and packed with brewed Arabica coffee grounds. Natural acids in the coffee help to smooth and firm the skin, as well as evening the tone, and the grounds provide a gentle but very effective natural exfoliant. A very cleansing soap, great for detoxifying, and it can also help alleviate certain common skin issues such as eczema and acne. The fragrance is rich but not overpowering, somewhere around the scent of creamy coffee.

With the launch of a new “Travel Tin” range and a stall at this years North East Vegan Festival we can’t wait to see what’s next for Washed Out Soap Co. Get into it!


Stock up on your Washed Out soaps here!

Grab a ticket to the North East Vegan Festival here!

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