SPOTLIGHT: Zizzi’s new vegan menu

When I heard about Zizzi’s new vegan menu I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Finally, the chain restaurants are cottoning on to the fact that some people are vegan… and even more broadly, people have preferences and people don’t want these things to get in the way of them going out to eat!
Now, obviously, you cant please everyone all of the time, but simple additions to to menus can make a whole world of difference.
Being able to share a table and your dietary requirements not to be the main draw of attention, to not have to drag reluctant omni’s to a veggie restaurant, to not go to a “normal restaurant” and have to paw through the side dishes and try and scrape together something that kind of resembles a meal… small steps like this are instrumental in not being written off as the dreaded “picky eater” or worse yet, becoming the pariah that just isn’t worth inviting out for food.


Zizzi’s vegan bruschetta

Zizzi’s vegan options are limited on paper but give plenty of room for variety as they cook all their food fresh to order, for starters there is either a vegan garlic bread or bruschetta, for mains, a vegan margherita or a spaghetti pomodoro, and a vegan nectarini, and sorbets for dessert.


vegan margherita with added roasted peppers and field mushrooms

The pizza and pasta options are open for personalisation with the options of additional veggies, we added field mushrooms and fire roasted peppers to our pizza and it was awesome! The “vegan mozzarisella” which provides the cheesy topping isn’t particularly strong in it’s flavour, and is definitely more of a creamy addition, but it’s tasty and if you’re after a tasty meal with your omni pals, it’s totally worth a visit!


vegan garlic bread

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