BEELZEBAB: Birthdays, Brighton & Bomberman

It’s been a wild ride for the past two years since Beelzebab launched itself onto the Brighton street-food scene, after head honcho Luke returned from a trip to Berlin and was inspired to start his own vegan food business. “I had scouted out Vöner and thought their kebabs were delicious and wanted to create something similar but unique here in Brighton”.

Much has changed since we first gushed over Beelzebab, they have come in off the street,  and secured residency in The Hope And Ruin, which looks to be a challenge that is being met with all the devilish determination and guts you could hope for.
“It was quite a lot to take on at first. I was working 70+ hours without any help for a few months, but now I have two great members of staff which takes the load off my shoulders quite a bit”.
Along with Luke’s trademark kebabs and loaded hot-dogs, their new home has allowed the menu to grow with some increasingly awesome and inventive additions “the cheese from Beyond Cheese that we use is fantastic. It melts amazingly and we’ve made some killer deep fried Mac N Cheese with it”. We’re also completely obsessed with the BBQ Jackfruit loaded fries… and the deep fried gherkins are a revelation!

Luke’s attitude to his business seems to be seizing the opportunities as they arise, the future is very much unwritten… “we’ve never had a business plan as such, as far as future plans go it’s pretty much concentrating on the business at The Hope And Ruin until we can think about expanding”.

Beelzebab have paved their way to becoming a considerable part of Brighton’s vegan identity and we’re excited to follow their journey and wish them a super happy birthday!


To celebrate their second birthday Luke will be hosting an event at The Hope on Sunday May 29th with tonnes in store.  “We’re going to have music, 4-player Bomberman, lots of food, an eating competition for our Seitan Cup and more!”

You can keep up to date with all the Beelzebab goings on HERE, and check out their Birthday event HERE.


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