Cornetto announce new vegan ice-creams

2016 was a great year for brands to jump on board the vegan bandwagon, with Quorn launching their vegan range, offering us up tasty ‘chicken’ pieces and their ‘fish’ fingers, and restaurants like Zizzi extending their vegan menu.

Well 2017 looks to be quite the corker too, with ice-cream brand Cornetto announcing that they’re adding some vegan cones to the family.

Cornetto veggy, which will be made from soy milk, is joined alongside it’s gluten-free sister cone, Senza Glutine, in an attempt to make sure everyone gets the chance to enjoy their tasty ice-cream cones.

It’s still unclear if the Italian company will be bringing these treats over to UK stores, but fingers crossed they’ll be generous and share them just in time for summer.

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