Okay, to be honest, I had low expectations for vegan food in Iceland. The horror stories of whale and puffin, the scary prices and the impossible looking language had added up to what I thought would surmount to a holiday fuelled by the cereal bars and nuts we had stuffed into our luggage.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
I mean, there are plenty of places offering up whale and puffin, and it is damn expensive. And yes, the language is super tough. But there are so many more options available than I would have thought.

Firstly, if you’re as much of a wimp as me regarding the language barrier, fear not. Almost the entirety of Iceland’s tiny population speaks English. Easy!
Secondly, once you start looking for it, you’ll see vegan options everywhere. So many restaurants offer at least one main. It’s easy to spot a veggie-friendly sandwich or salad in the shops, and there are many imported familiar snacks to spot as well.


Kaffi Vìnyl – Lone Star sandwich

Kaffi Vínyl was our first stop and instantly put our minds at ease. The chilled out atmosphere of a record shop come café come bar warmed our chilly bods and the awesome BBQ Oumph burger fuelled us for our day exploring the beautiful city.


Reykjavik Chips – Chips with Satay sauce

Reykjavik Chips is an awesome little spot to grab some affordable (for Iceland!) hot food when the weather gets too much. It was perfect after a long day exploring the awe inspiring Icelandic natural wonders. With the vegan sauce options of an amazing Satay sauce and veganaise, it gives the usual vegan last resort that is chips a bit of excitement.



Prikid – Ronald Vegan

Prikid is apparently Iceland’s oldest café/bar, established in 1951. Again, following the running theme for Reykjavik eateries, it was super chilled out – echoing the laid back city and its people.

The menu, which offers 2 vegan options, boasts playfully named dishes (omni and veggie), so we tried the “Ronald Vegan”. It has sriracha mayo in it… how could anyone resist?!

Of course, there are plenty of fine dining restaurants to try, but for us, the casual dining was perfect for a relaxing refuel before getting back out in the cold to see everything that Iceland has to offer.



  1. I’ve always thought the same about finding vegan food in Iceland too! I’m pleased to see that there are definitely options there, thanks for sharing 🙂


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