Pizza Hut to offer vegan cheese!

goes vegan!

The huge high-street chain, Pizza Hut, have announced they’ll be offering Violife vegan cheese on their pizzas come October, meaning you’ll have even more choice when looking for a tasty meal out. But there’s a catch…

The restaurant will only be offering this on a trial basis for 8 weeks, from Monday 2nd October to Sunday 26th November, to test whether there is a real demand for dairy-free cheese. The bases have always been suitable for vegans (although stay clear of the gluten-free ones, which contain egg), but we’ve always had to opt for a cheese-less option. Until now!

To make sure that this is a change that is here to stay we need to make sure the Pizza Hut bosses know we’re serious about our love of pizza by heading to their restaurants and ordering pizzas with Violife cheese during this time period. The more pizzas sold, the more likely it is they’ll keep the vegan option on the menu.

For now this is only available in the following 5 restaurant branches (not takeaway stores):

  • Pizza Hut Canterbury
  • Pizza Hut Chatham
  • Pizza Hut Thanet
  • Pizza Hut Bluewater
  • Pizza Hut Crawley

Unfortunately none of them seem to be based in the North, but if you’re travelling down South anytime soon make sure you pop in and place your order! And for those living close by to one of the chosen restaurants, we won’t judge you if you decide to make vegan Pizza Hut your dinner of choice every day for the next 8 weeks – it’s all in the name of a pretty important cause, after all.

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