Wagamama Introduces Vegan Menu

introduces vegan menu!

What a great week for high-street restaurants feeling the vegan love! First we had the news that Pizza Hut were trialling some vegan cheese on their menu, and now we’ve heard that Wagamama will soon have their own vegetarian and vegan menu. It means no more headaches looking through the confusing allergens and trying to figure out what we can eat, the suitable for vegan options will be easily visible!

Wagamama held an exclusive vegan workshop (which was attended by the lucky @yesitsallvegan – head to their Instagram to see a sneak peek!) to trial the new menu and introduce some of the new dishes, which (drum-roll please…) includes seitan katsu curry! We’re hoping it will be just as delicious as Yo Sushi!’s award-winning tofu offering.

Other new dishes include yasai gyoza, yasai samla curry (creamy lemon grass, coconut sauce and fried tofu), kare burosu ramen (breaded tofu, grilled mushrooms, curry broth) and lemongrass and lime sorbet – we want it all!

The new menu is still very much a trial and won’t be released to the general public just yet, but now we know it’s on its way our tums won’t stop rumbling, so let’s hope it appears in restaurants nationwide very soon.

4 responses to “Wagamama Introduces Vegan Menu

    • Us too! Just wish we knew the release date so we could book the whole week
      off for maximum seitan katsu curry consumption 😍

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