Torfurky launch pre-packed vegan sandwiches in UK stores

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 15.32.58

There has been a huge rise of vegan pre-packed sarnies available in high street shops recently from the likes of M&S and WHSmiths, making it so much easier to quickly fill a hole when out and about. And the options are about to get even bigger – and more delicious – as Tofurky have announced that their range of pre-packed sandwiches are hitting UK shelves next week!

The flavours include ham style salad, TLT (temper, lettuce and tomato), chipotle chick’n and chick’n and sweetcorn – all of which sounds like the perfect option for anyone who’s a little bit sick of just bread and veg.


For now the sandwiches will only be sold at Whole Foods stores and later on to As Nature Intended shops, but fingers crossed we’ll see them lining the shelves in our high street supermarkets soon!

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