Nando’s to launch two new vegan burgers

launches two new vegan burgers

Despite being famous for its chicken-heavy dishes, Nando’s has always had some veggie-friendly choices on the menu like veggie pittas, houmous, salads and even a passionfruit dessert. But now they’ve upped the stakes even more with the news that they’re launching two new veggie burgers!

Nando’s have confirmed that, from today, two new veggie burgers will be added to the menu. You’ve got the Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger, which included sweet potato, butternut, red pepper, onion and edamame beans, or the Supergreen Burger, packed with tasty greens like broccoli, edamame beans & kale. Both burgers can be served in a bun, pitta or wrap.


The burgers are apparently replacing the current Nandos tomato soy veggie burger, which has left some fans very unhappy. In fact, there’s even a petition to bring back the original claiming it’s tastier than the new burgers that are taking its place. We’re still waiting to hear from a Nando’s representative to confirm or deny the news.

The new menu is available from today, so head down to your local Nando’s to try them out!

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