REVIEW: Purezza in Brighton

In the mere 2 years that Purezza has been gracing us here in Brighton, it has already cemented its position as something of an institution – an indisputable testament to the fact that they are clearly doing something right.

In a world where being the first at something can often eclipse the merit of being good at that thing, it could’ve been easy for Purezza to rest on their laurels, since they can already stake claim to being the worlds first vegan wood-fired pizzeria. But their constant evolution and progression, coupled with the staff’s obvious passion for the food and the atmosphere they create, speaks volumes – they don’t just want to be the “first”, they’re going for the best.

We couldn’t wait to get started.

So after being warmly greeted and shown to our table by the lovely staff, we promtly began agonising over the menu. Everything sounded so great – not a weak link in sight! We decided to pick two dishes for each course, that way we could have a taste of as many things as possible (and then we couldn’t get food envy if we loved each other’s dishes more than our own).

For starters we opted for the cheesy bites and the soup of the day, which was a creamy carrot and beetroot.


Cheesy Bites

The fluffy cheesy dough balls, packed with hot, oozing coconut-based cheese, were the perfect introduction to the Purezza experience. The creamy, melty cheese was so tasty, whether you’re vegan or not these are impossible to not be bowled over by.

The soup was creamy, vibrant, warming and earthy, seasoned with smoked paprika – it packed a punch in flavour whilst maintaining an awesomely smooth creaminess. Perfect for the colder months.


Creamy Carrot & Beetroot Soup

After deciding we were going to share our way through the menu we were falling at the first hurdle! Once you’ve tasted the food placed in front of you, it’s almost impossible to entertain the idea of letting someone else have a taste, you want to devour it all yourself.

We couldn’t not pick a pizza for a main. After all, that’s what’s given Purezza their stellar reputation. Every pizza on the menu sounded so good, so after begging for a recommendation from the staff, we went with the Parmigiana Party with a hemp base. We were worried the hemp flour in the base might’ve made it too dense or heavy, but it maintained the light, fluffy dough texture that Purezza have become near-famous for. The toppings of smoked mozzarella, aubergine and sausage were a great combination, with an incredibly fresh tasting tomato sauce finished with basil and topped with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast.


Parmigiana Party & Mac’n’Cheese

Without sounding too dramatic, the mac and cheese might just be the best mac and cheese dish we’ve ever tasted. We chose to splash out on the extra truffle oil (it’d be rude not to) which we’d definitely recommend. The earthiness of the truffle mixed with the intense cheesiness of the sauce was incredible, teamed with yummy gluten free pasta left us scraping the bottom of the plate clean. The dish had what other mac and cheeses haven’t managed to figure out yet – it strayed away from being too creamy, bordering on bland, and packed such an intense and cheesy flavour that’d give dairy cheese dishes a run for their money.

As with the other two courses, picking a dessert option was tricky, but we decided on the 2 dishes that really jumped out at us (although we definitely intend to one day make our way through the whole list).

We’re always intrigued by raw food, having both been massively impressed and hugely disappointed in the past, but the raw tiramisu was too enticing an opportunity to pass on, and we’re glad to say this tiramisu comfortably falls into the “massively impressed” category. It was perfectly light and nutty with a great balance of sweet indulgence from the dates and richness from the cold brew coffee.



Despite being full enough to burst, we couldn’t leave without at least attempting the Oreo pizza. We were definitely right not to pass up on the opportunity, and it rounded the meal off perfectly. Sweet chocolate & hazelnut sauce with whole Oreos nestled on a wood-fired pizza base – what’s not to love? It was a little messy, with the chocolate oozing from every bite, but we soldiered on, channeling our inner Bruce Bogtrotter and shoving as much chocolatey goodness in to our mouths as possible.


Oreo Pizza

From the attentive front of house team to the quality of ingredients, it’s clear that Purezza prides itself on not only being 100% plant-based, but in creating great-tasting food in order to cater for as many allergies and intolerances as possible.
We were so impressed with every dish we tried and we’re certain that every other option would have been shown just as much love, thought and attention. We can’t wait to come back and try the remaining bits on the menu (Brownie and The Big Smoke burger we’re coming for you next time…)

Purezza have proven that they truly are the plant pioneers they set out to be, and the future is looking very bright with the recent announcement of a London branch to look forward to. If these past 2 years are anything to go by, we can only see big things to come for Purezza.

Check out the awesome menu at and their mouth-watering pics on their Facebook page.

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